Friday, July 1, 2011

Woman Sprays Breast Milk To Deputies.

    The Delaware County received a complain from a man stating that his wife, 30 y.o. Stephanie Robinette has been drinking heavily in a wedding and hit him before locking himself in the car. Deputies from the Sheriff"s Office responded trying to get the woman out of the car when suddenly Ms Robinette took his breast out and sprayed the deputies with breast milk. She was charged with domestic violence, assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.
     I have never heard of people using their breast milk to ward off cops before. I am not sure if this tactic really works like a pepper spray. I know from reading "nursing books"  that the breast milk taste a little bit sour but I don't think it will mess up the eyes of the officers. Now, I am sure that this woman has proved to the world that MEN DO NOT LIKE BREAST MILK, WE ONLY LIKE THE CONTAINERS".


oneperson said...

omg! rofl!

Thanks for sharing!!!


Doreen said...

This was so ridiculous and so funny!#

Michelle Moloney said...

ah get out of town!! That is so strange and funny!

Cheers for sharing!